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Through the International Awareness and Involvement (IAI) programmatic thrust, Delta Sigma Theta harnesses its vast potential to impact strategically the plight of people living across the diaspora. International Awareness and Involvement will continue to move forward in this 21st Century by strengthening our Awareness and Involvement in Africa and Haiti. Throughout the years, the Sorority has continued to use its NGO status to impact the lives of women and girls across the globe.


The five (5) primary focus areas included:

IAI Sustainability Plan

IAI Webinars

World AIDS Day

IAI Newsletter

IAI Mission Trips

VAC & International Awareness

Volunteers Cleaning

In partnership with the "Brother Helping Brother" Program, Vallejo Alumnae Chapter is supporting Haitian earthquake victims 

  • Providing much needed water and food

  • Providing school supplies to the The Good Shepherd Baptist School in Ennery, Haiti

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